Supra Visco back cushion

The Kölbs Supra Visco is a general use back cushion designed to help improve the comfort of those confined to a wheelchair. At the core of the Kölbs Supra Visco is high quality sculpted foam, contoured to conform to the user’s spinal curvature.


  • General use back cushion for all wheelchairs
  • Helps improves seating posture
  • Ultra-plush memory foam lumbar support
  • Non-slip back helps insure proper cushion placement
  • Available in 16", 18", 20", 22", and 24" widths

Model Numbers

  • LWVB16 (16" Width)
  • LWVB18 (18" Width)
  • LWVB20 (20" Width)
  • LWVB22 (22" Width)
  • LWVB24 (24" Width)
Supra Visco back cushionSupra Visco back cushionSupra Visco back cushion