Gel Overlay

The Kolbs Gel Overlay is your first line of defense in preventing pressure sores. At the core of the Kolbs Gel Overlay is high quality gel, sealed in leak-proof bladders. This aqueous gel is designed to distribute weight uniformly allowing blood to flow freely, thereby reducing the occurrence of pressure sores. The gel bladders are encased in premium sculpted
foam, offering supreme comfort.


  • "Group 1" support surface for prevention and management of pressure ulcers
  • Independent bladders prevent "gel migration"
  • A flexible, removable, waterproof cover protects the Kolbs Gel Overlay from moisture and stains
  • Durable base material with corner-straps to secure overlay to mattress
  • Waterproof and stain resistant
  • Approximate size 76" x 34" x 3.5"

Model Number:

Gel Overlay